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EITI provides their services to any location around the world. Some of the locations where EITI has delivered training include:


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EITI… Leading the Utility Training Industry Since 1991

Safety. Performance. Excellence. This is what EITI is all about. Since 1991, the Electrical Industry Training Institute (EITI) has trained thousands of electrical utility industry personnel throughout the world. From pre-apprentice linemen training to electrical engineering professional development, EITI programs meet or exceed federal and state regulations and standards.


EITI provides many utility training programs and services along the Pacific Coast of North America to international locations overseas. The following list represents some recent experience.

United States

ALASKA (ANCHORAGE) – CHUGACH ELECTRIC: Substation and Generation departments – several sessions teaching Substation operations, switching, metalclad safety and other various safety subjects related to substation operations. Subject groups included Powerline Technicians, engineers and plant operations staff.

ALASKA (ANCHORAGE) – MUNICIPAL LIGHT AND POWER: Powerhouse and substation operations departments – two sessions teaching substation operations, switching and various other safety subjects related to substation operations. Subject groups included Powerline Technicians and plant operations staff.

ALASKA (KENAI AND HOMER) – HOMER ELECTRIC: Substation engineers and Powerline Technicians – two sessions - substation switching and safety subjects related to substation operations.

CALIFORNIA (SANTA CLARA) – SILICON VALLEY: Electricians – switching and various substation safety subjects. Developed and presented program to assist client to familiarize their staff with new 230 kV technology.

MAUI ELECTRIC COMPANY, TRANSMISSION AND DISTRIBUTION: Custom tailored Hot Stick Course. This training, including instructor training, has become part of the foundation of MECo’s Hot Stick Transmission and Distribution Program. "We give EITI Instructors high praise for their knowledge, professionalism, and flexibility."

HAWAII: Live line training on 12 KV distribution system for approximately 12/15 Lineman and Grounds workers. The training was for two weeks and involved classroom, testing and maintenance of live line tools and practical hands on work experience under the direction of two certified instructors on their energized system. The employer was extremely pleased with the outcome.

TEXAS (HOUSTON) – DUPONT FLORO PRODUCTS: Substation Safety and Operations Training for Electrical Maintenance Personnel. Theoretical and practical training included: Safe switching practices for high voltage equipment; Worker protection grounding and bonding; Safe operation of metalclad switchgear: Identifying electrical hazards; and Minimum approach distances to energized electrical equipment and other applicable OSHA regulations. This training was attended by electricians and managers reponsible for plant maintenance and operation.


BRITISH COLUMBIA: EITI was founded to meet the needs of a major British Columbian Power Generation Corporation, designing and delivering multiple training programs for over 20 years.


JAMAICAN ELECTRICAL UTILITY (2001): EITI conducted 2 months of training, covering work methods and live line procedures for their 60 KV transmission system. Approximately 20 tradespersons were trained in two groups. Training was provided in the classroom, in the field on a de-energized system, and in the field on the energized system. EITI also instructed on methods of equipment testing, as well as assisting the company in setting up an equipment testing lab. The client later attested "The training was an excellent experience. Our new training skills help improve safety and save costs [since we no longer have to de-energize the system for maintenance]."

MALAYSIA ELECTRICAL UTILITY, PART 1 (PARTNERED WITH BC HYDRO): Training 18 various types of Malaysian Craftsmen at Canadian Training Facility for approximately 6 months. Training covered all aspects of the industry. In addition to this technical training, BC Hydro provided hands-on work experience at various locations within their Utility so that the trainees could practice their skills beside experienced BC Hydro employees. The program was supported by BC Hydro’s unionized workers and was heralded as a "tremendous success."

MALAYSIA ELECTRICAL UTILITY, PART 2 (2008): EITI provided Live Line training, a Live Line rigging course, and bucket truck training. Live Line work was new to the Malaysian utility and played an intricate part in the opening of the new DUKE expressway.

MALAYSIA ELECTRICAL UTILITY, KUALA LUMPUR, (2009/Present): EITI is currently engaged in a 275 KV live line training project. This project was developed in partnership with several Malaysian industry partners, which include the national Malaysian utility and the ministry of highways. EITI has provided a number of services for the project, including the development of customer specific work methods, as well as providing hands-on instruction in the proper procedures to perform maintenance on an energized system. EITI was selected for the project on the basis of the expertise that they could provide in the particular area of work required.

MALAYSIA, TENAGA NASIONAL BERHAD: This National Utility had to use aerial man lifts for the first time to perform live line work on 275 KV Mono Pole Structures. EITI spent long hours working with local line workers, instructing them on the intricate task of performing various live line work methods, first in a de-energized, and then an energized field environment. The training was made necessary as a result of a new toll highway, which required re-routing the transmission lines. As such, maintenance procedures had to be performed from the platform of the new highway.

MALAYSIA UTILITY LINE CONTRACTOR (on behalf of TENAGA NASIONAL BERHAD:), PART 3: EITI consulted on the design of the mono pole transmission lines, as it relates to the ability to perform live line work procedures on the structures when completed. Project challenges included limited access to right of ways, limits of approach and the inability to use cranes and bucket trucks. The information provided impacted the distance spacing of conductor spans, the angles of cross arm placement, and required the development of special tools. The recommendations made by EITI were instrumental in the client receiving the work from the host utility.

MALAYSIA, TENAGA NASIONAL BERHAD, PART 4: Engineer and technical personnel provided 3 days of training to Malaysian Utility Hydro Generating staff. Training included the development, refurbishment, installation, maintenance and operation of Hydro turbines. Topics covered included: critical first decisions for power system lifecycle costs, hydropower plant design, system considerations, operation, maintenance, and evaluation.

YEMEN, NEXEN PETROLEUM (2009): Two week substation training and worker assessments at three separate locations. The customer stated: "The courses… were extremely good… it was very interesting and full of relevant details and information. Most importantly, the course mainly related to all aspects of the isolation, testing, grounding, de-isolation and re-energization of high voltage metal clad switch gear. By so doing, the electrical foremen and all the technicians who attended the courses could directly relate all of the course information to the metal clad switch gear here at the Terminal. The instructor was very proactive in his approach and was able to engage the participation of all the various foremen and technicians."



United States

"Our personnel needed a customized switching course, which other firms could not offer to us. EITI sent a representative who asked specific questions, acquiring information about our company, our systems and our local conditions, well before the training began. With this information, EITI delivered a course that was custom-tailored to our organization’s needs, and most of our trainees commented that this class was one of the best training sessions they had ever received. The final result, in my opinion, is that Chugach Electric Association, Inc. has some of the best trained switchmen in Alaska. I’d recommend EITI to any company as a creditable source for switching training."
– Charlie Kimmel, Area Operations Manager CHUGACH ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION, Inc. (ALASKA)

"I found EITI and the instructor that led our switch person class to be of the highest quality. It is without a doubt one of the better training sessions we have been able to put on for our hands. The class was professionally presented, the instructor’s knowledge was exemplary and the students not only enjoyed themselves but learned a great deal. We plan on having EITI do training in additional areas for us. I was impressed."
– Robert H. Day, Superintendent of Plant 2 MUNICIPAL LIGHT AND POWER, (ANCHORAGE, ALASKA)

"The Maui Electric Company’s Transmission and Distribution Construction Crew recently completed a Hot Stick Course tailored especially to our needs by Electrical Industry Training Institute. This training has become part of the foundation of MECo’s Hot Stick Transmission and Distribution Program, with four new certified staff instructors. The EITI Instructors were given high praises, by our management staff and all of the Linemen attending the first training session, for their knowledge, professionalism, flexibility, and their superior ability to complement each other while instructing. We look forward to having more training performed by EITI."
– Art Takabayashi, Manager, Transmission and Distribution and Herbert Glassen, Construction Superintendent MAUI ELECTRIC COMPANY

"EITI has been a large part of [our] business success. In an industry that is growing well beyond the supply of skilled and qualified tradesmen, we have come to rely heavily upon EITI to provide their expertise in training. Both the staff and trainers at EITI are dedicated and skilled in their disciplines. Course design and delivery are well coordinated and our employees always enjoy the courses and actively participate in the extensive hands-on training. Now, our highly trained and skilled workforce is able to handle any large and complex project with efficiency and an exceptional, industry-leading safety record. We thank EITI for our achievements and know that our ongoing relationship will continue to benefit our business."

"EITI offers a good balance of practical and theory. The Instructors and staff are helpful and the training facility offers hands-on experience and up to date tools. Overall I found my training to be beneficial to my trade."
–Danny Bruckmann, LINEMAN


"I would like to thank all of the instructors for their work and guidance during the hands-on exercises, as well as in the classroom, which will help us when we complete our field checks in preparation for designing distribution projects. We all enjoyed their friendly personalities as well as the many stories they shared of their experiences as PLT’s. They were both informative as well as entertaining."

"The feedback that I have received from my newer staff that we sent out to EITI has been universally positive. The opportunity to gain an appreciation for the craftsmen that build our designs will result in more effective, easier to construct, and safer installations. I really hope to do more of this in the future."
– Fred Dinner, Division Manager, Distribution Engineering, Field Operations A BRITISH COLUMBIA POWER GENERATION CORPORATION

"I would recommend your course to others. The Underground Utilities Awareness Workshop was very applicable to the types of project work that the Ministry of Transportation performs. Our paving crews are frequently involved in excavation, as are our bridge staff and our roads area managers. The course was easy to follow and well put together. [The instructor] was very well spoken and had several examples to help make his point about particular course content. He engaged the class by encouraging others to provide examples as well and used a bit of humour to keep it light. We will likely be scheduling this course again next year."
– Stephanie Livingstone, Admin Support, Northern Region BC MINISTRY OF TRANSPORTATION(PRINCE GEORGE, BC)

"Thanks for a job well done. Our guys thought you were the greatest. They had nothing but praise for you. They expressed they had learned more in the time spent with you than they had collectively learned ever."
– Dieter Jablonowski THE CITY OF VANCOUVER

"We are pleased to see the strong connection to and participation by industry in the program model, and compliment EITI for its ongoing commitment to industry training in the province."

"We greatly appreciate the service that we received and are thankful for your expert and professional instruction."
– Brad Randall, Administrator, Joint Apprenticeship and Training Plan OPERATING ENGINEERS (LOCAL115 – BC AND YUKON)

"EITI is a valued training partner for our organization. In fact, EITI is the sole provider of safety training for our contractors and their employees working in hazardous environments."

"Excellent Experience! Visual aids and hands-on training were most helpful."
"We appreciated the customized course materials geared to relate to our own individual work environments."
"We’ll definitely be back. Our positive learning experience and improved skills will be brought back to our jobs and will encourage our need to learn more and more!"
"Great Instructors, very knowledgeable and helpful!"

"Very informative. Enjoyed the more relaxed and educational environment."

"Enjoyable class. Instructors made it fun, as well as educational. I laughed a lot."

"Great style of learning. The Instructors allowed us to ask question after question that we could take back to our own jobs."
–Various Attendees, NUNAVUT POWER


"The courses that EITI presented were extremely good. It was interesting and full of relevant details and information. Most importantly, it was specific, relevant and interactive. Without exception, every attendee expressed that their learning had benefited their work."
– Bob Wegner, Maintenance Training Advisor YEMEN POWER (Canadian Nexen Petroleum)



EITI has worked with nearly 3,000 clients world-wide. See some of the more notable or interesting names.

See partial client list

  • Alltech
  • Artic Power
  • BC Power Generation Corporation
  • BC Ferries
  • Chucagh Electric Association - Alaska
  • City & District Governments (various)
  • Colleges & Universities (various)
  • Coast Mountain Bus Company
  • Coca Cola
  • Dupont Floro Products - Texas
  • Elk Valley Coal
  • Fortis
  • Government of Canada: Environment Canada
  • IBEW
  • Imperial Oil
  • Jamaican Electric Utility
  • Maui Electric Company
  • Malaysia Electric Company
  • Molson Brewery
  • Municipal Light and Power - Alaska
  • Nexen Petroleum - Yemen
  • Quanta Technology
  • Saudi Electric Company
  • Silicon Valley Power - California
  • SNC - Lavalin
  • Whistler Blackcomb Mountain Resorts


    EITI works with a variety of educational and industry partners to bring you the best training available anywhere. Partners include, but are not limited to, Industrial Training Authority (ITA), Infrastructure Health and Safety Association of Ontario (IHSA), University of the Fraser Valley (UFV), Lethbridge College Alberta, Okanagan College, Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology, Ives Training and Compliance Group, Vivid Learning Systems, Energy Management Institute, ISO Metrix, and various other colleges and universities.


    Our highly-qualified and experienced instructors are recognized as leaders in their field of expertise. With continual instructor development, EITI instructors are among the most highly skilled instructors available anywhere.


    EITI is actively seeking highly experienced, senior-level experts in the electrical utility industry to join our team. No matter where you are in the country – or even the world – we want to hear from you. LEARN MORE